For Your New Year

Maureen Owino, Executive Director, is in the USA this month for meetings and speaking engagements. She hand delivered this letter, written by our girls at Mercy House for you:

Much greetings from Mercy House girls. Happy New Year! We hope your year was fantastic. First and foremost, we would like to appreicate all of you for your prayers. We have been praying for you too so that God may continue blessing the work you are doing. We girls, we have a reason to thank God for the things He has done to us. There is no other way we can thank Him but thru prayers.

Mercy House is a Christian organization and truly speaking it has proved to us and our parents at home and even the staff that it is a true Christian organization. Why are we saying this? Becase we are not the same people we were before we joined Mercy House. All of us joined without knowing who God is, but God opened for us the way until we accepted Him in our lives.

We are all born again Christians and we are all baptized and we would like one day to be able to transform other girls who cannot live at Mercy House by sharing with them the word of God, encouraging them about life and also to share with them the skills which we are being taught.

Mercy House is one of the best rescue centers in Kenya. It is a rescue center situated in an estate where ministries of Kenya are living, so you can imagine how fabulous it is. In Kenya, many rescue centers are situated in the slums. In Mercy House there is everything and by God's love and grace, we have never lacked anything. Mercy House is better than our own homes, we have all the basic needs, our babies are well and healthy and being taken care of nicely. Mercy House menu is the best, we eat well and we are very healthy girls.

We have never had a problem with the staff quitting due to salary problems, the rent, taking the babies to the hospital and even we've never slept hungry, even a single day.

Thank you very much our donors, for the great work that you are doing. May you be blessed this year by our God in Heaven, very much. Don't give up, remember whatever you do, work at it with your heart as working for the Lord not for men.

Since it's a year of Jubilee, please give yourselves a way so that God may use you.

Thank you very much and may God bless you,

From, Mercy House Girls