Host a Mercy or Fair Trade Friday Party/Event

Hosting a Home Party or Event is a tangible way for you to help support and Mercy House and countless women all around the world. 

What is a home party: It's a place to gather and share the story of Mercy House and allow people to support by shopping the beautiful handmade products made by teen mothers and impoverished women all over the globe.

Where do I host the party: Host a party in your home, business, church, neighborhood, carline, there are no limits to shopping!

Who can I invite: Invite people in your life, community to shop beautiful fair trade product!

Why should I host a party: This is a very practical way to love mercy with us! The money from the products goes to support the women we support in Kenya and the women we empower through Fair Trade Friday. Plus, as a thank you, hostesses can choose an item from the party box to keep.

How does it work: Once you choose which kind of party you'd like to have and you've contacted us about a party, you will receive a one page agreement form by email with a few more details. Party dates are suggested one month from agreement. Once we receive your agreement, we will contact to confirm a party date. Due to the waiting list, all product (and/or sales) must be returned within two weeks of your party. Please note that initially there might be a waiting list for a party box. It will depend on our inventory. But eventually, everyone who submits a form, will be able to host a party. Your credit card is required and will be charged if product is not returned.

We now have three options:

1. Our original Mercy Party Box has a variety of product from Kenya, our popular t-shirts and totes, etc and a few Fair Trade Friday bags. We've been doing these parties since 2012 and usually have a waiting list of 1-2 months.

2. Our newest option has ONLY Fair Trade Friday bags. (Learn more about Fair Trade Friday here). This option gives your guests the chance to pack their own Fair Trade Friday bag. (What's a Fair Trade Friday bag?

3. Host a fair trade table at your event or church with both kinds of products (these fill up fast, so plan ahead!)

What comes in my party box: beautiful invitations (you can also do e-vites), two different brochures, an inventory sheet, a hostess letter and amazing product, of course. There is also a flash drive available with our newest videos and digital copie of documents included in your party box. You can visit the Mercy Shop to see samples of the types of product you will receive. Each box contains enough for a party of 12 to shop (or more if you plan on a bigger party), but it will be a variety and colors, styles can't be selected. There is also a Feedback form because we value your opinion and want to improve with your suggestions.

Mercy Party:

Fair Trade Friday Party:


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What if I run out of something: Upon request, hostesses will be given a unique coupon code to share with her guests to get free shipping on items (sizes) not available at the party. This code will be good for 2 weeks after your party.

How do I sign up: Click here and choose the type of party you'd like to host under Category. We will contact you.